Balanced Treat

With an increase in "diets" more people are starting to eat certain foods and avoid others. For example eating a high protein diet and excluding quality fats, carbs and veggies. For many reasons this type of diet may not be maintainable for everyone.

Different bodies respond differently to different foods in different ratios. This is often known as "metabolic Type" eating. Obviously there is no need to :stress: about it but its important to be aware and listen to your own body. Trial and error are key. Keep things simple ;)

Natural Naughties aim to provide a range of recipes that contain a balance of macro and micro nutrients.
Eating this way may mean you feel better, healthier, save more and actually feel "satisfied" after eating your meals.

This cake was easy to make, healthy, affordable, little mess and contains a range of foods that make me feel great. As a matter of fact I just "whipped" it up using the ingredients I had at home.

Ingredient List.

Banana- A healthy fruit that is a great source of minerals, vitamins and healthy "carbs".
Eggs- Whole eggs contain both healthy fats and protein. Using whole eggs is more convenient and cheaper then just the whites.
Carrot- Carrots are slightly naturally sweet, so they can replace some sugars in creations.
Cinnamon- Assists to balance blood sugar levels
Spirulina- A green plant based super food that may assist to alkalize the body.

Banana "Secret" Green Cake


3 eggs
1 banana
1 carrot
1.2 cup cocout flakes
1/2 teaspoon spirulina


Process together in a high speed blender.
Pour into lined tin.
Bake on low, medium heat until "firm".
Check every few minutes to ensure the "treat" does not burn.
Allow to cool and slice.

serves 4

Would taste great served with fresh berries and a little almond butter!

*Please not that before baking this cake the mixture should be thick like a "custard". If too thin and in more coconut flakes. Be careful when you slice the "cake" as it is soft. Mine worked out well. Trial and error is key for results ;)

*Spirulina in TINY amounts until the "taste" grows on you.

Natural Naughties Use Green Super Foods from Micro Organics.

Kayla Thompson