Bali Certification Update

I spend the first few days taking a rest from work, social media, phone calls and training as I have learned that it is important for me to relax my mind and body. I will be the first to admit that is has been a work in progress for me to master the art of "relaxation", as a matter of fact I am still working on it. I like to be active and move, however I also understand that I need to balance my "energy".

The first two days here I was struggling with "letting" go of my every day life.Thoughts of things I had to do came clashing into my inner peace. I wanted to be stronger then that. I did not want to fall victim to work, society or feeling un easy.

"I deserve this rest and time to relax and I am strong enough to do just that"
This has been my mantra, I repeat it throughout the day.

That night I wrote a list of things that I "need" to do and put it aside making a promise to myself that I would leave it till I landed in South Australia and reassured myself that everything was fine and in place and I was "free" to let go and unwind. Some people find list beneficial some people do not. Running own business means I have a lot on, honestly during busy periods especially while being away I find them to assist me to feel more relaxed and organized.

Natural Naughties 5 tips to feel energetic

Take time "away".
Even if you can't go away to another destination, turn off your phone, turn of the tv/internet and enjoy some time alone to "unwind". Listen to music, listen to the wind. Allow the body to relax and mind to clear. I do this in my backyard at home!

Oxygen is vital for health and well being. So breath in and out, appreciate and love each breath knowing those breaths will provide you with health and vitality,

Spend time out doors
Nature is beneficial for feeling energetic. The energy of everything is strong and if you allow, that energy will run through you. Sit by a tree and listen and appreciate the wind. Lay under the sun and soak in the vitamin d.

Drink Plenty of water
Water is natures number one super food. We are made from water. Drink it through out the day appreciate each sip knowing that is will make you feel alive and hydrated

Have a bath and pamper
You do not need to go to a beauty salon and spend loads of money, instead invest time into loving your self. Scrub your body with a little sea salt in warm water. Appreciate scrubbing the salt into your skin knowing it is assisting with circulation of the body. Listen to your body as you scrub. Connect with it and understand it. Bath is some water knowing that this is your time to "relax". Lather in some coconut oil to assist to have soft skin to feel your best.

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Kayla Thompson