What should an athlete drink?

It is important for an athlete to stay hydrated to perform at a high level. Drinking lots of water is a great starting point.

Many years ago athletes would often drink sports drinks for energy. It is often believed that the sugar, provides an energy hit for athletes. However the high amounts of processed sugar are linked to short and long term side effects.

It is important to always read labels, avoid too much sugar and caffeine as they can “mess adrenals” and result in a “crash”. When in doubt check it out.

Natural Naughties Top 10 drinks for athletes

These are the top 10 drinks Natural Naughties recommend for athletes. All tested by myself as well as many of my happy clients, athletes and friends.

ü  Celery juice

One of the most hydrating drinks. Very alkalizing and helps balance the body’s ph. levels.


ü  Chi coconut nut water

A drink that replenishes the body’s minerals, including potassium, often lost during training.

ü  Loving earth cacao

Cacao is a great source of vitamins and mineral for athletes.

Raw cacao will give you an energy hit before training

ü  Loving earth maca

Known to balance hormones, improve strength and provide energy.

Add it so your shakes and smoothies

ü  Saka water

Saka water will assist in maintaining the body’s natural alkaline/acid balance to assist with health

*I find this water taste so smooth.

ü  Beetroot juice

New research indicates that athletes who drank 500ml of beetroot juice before training increased stamina.

Also a great source of folic acid and nutrients


ü  Raw protein shake

Protein is the building blocks of muscle and assist with recovery.

Raw protein will keep you full for longer to survive a long training.

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ü  Daterade

Dates are a great source of natural sugars, perfect for athletes who need an instant sugar hit.

Also a great source of fibre and potassium

ü  Green smoothies

The raw nutrients in green smoothies will provide athletes with  lots of long lasting energy

Natural Naughties Raw food and lifestyle eBook has some great recipes

ü  Green juice

Green juice is always a winner. Very light and easy to digest before training.

Green juice contains loads of vitamins and minerals that are quickly absorbing into the bloodstream.

 Daterade Recipe

A quick and healthy natural sports drink.


4 medjool dates

2 cup chi coconut water


Blend in the vitamix.

Kayla Thompson