A few weeks back I hosted a work shop with Sarah from The Wellness Room on Adrenal Fatigue.

Sarah and I were blessed to have Irene speak at the event. Irene is a wellness coach who inspires others through self love.

The workshop was created due to an increase in clients complaining about adrenal issues. All three of us have experienced adrenal fatigue in the past and understand that due to busy lifestyles we need to be able to find tools to better "manage" more stressful times.

Sarah provided some very informative information on Adrenals, in addition to sharing with us different ways to overcome fatigue.

Irene hosted an amazing meditation and assisted the ladies to learn to love the skin they are in. An underlying issue is commonly the cause of "fatigue" and other issues.


I provided some raw food demonstrations using ingredients that are known to nourish the adrenals and support the body.

Raw Cashew Cheese
    1 cup soaked cashews
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    pinch sea salt
    3 tablespoons water
    2 tablespoons lemon
    *Turmeric is optional
Process in a high speed blender

Cashew Cacao "cream"
1 cup soaked cashews
3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
3 tablespoons raw cacao
manuka honey
a little water
Blend together in a high speed blender and serve with berries.

Thanks to our Adrenal Workshop Supporters for prizes, donations and samples.

Feedback from the day

"I related to a lot of what was discussed today and learned a lot. I loved learning about the medical side and the meditation and loved the raw cheese."

"I learned so much today and I feel empowered with knowledge to hopefully prevent adrenal fatigue." - Janaa Nardelli

"I liked learning about the foods, nutrients and lifestyle changes that are practical and easy to implement."

"I liked trying raw foods and Irene's explanation of self-love. I enjoyed all of it but i identified with Irene's message."

"Fantastic and informative workshop, I loved that all 3 speakers had personal experience with adrenal fatigue and offered different views and great enthusiasm. Would recommend it to others." - Alana Tipping

"I thought it would cover food and fatigue. It touched on so much more. The meditation was great." - Gracgohl

"I liked the workshop as it provided general understanding of fatigue and easy things to do daily. I liked the food demos, taste testing, reminders of sample daily things to do." - Melanie Colwell

"I enjoyed the workshop, a very comprehensive holistic approach to adrenal fatigue, general health and well being, loved the spiritual elements too." 

"Excellent informative session with genuine caring facilitators with a passion for showing their knowledge, valuable insight, and seeing others in the room benefit from their expertise and advise and guidance." - Katrina Stamp

"I liked the herbal medicine topic and the meditation." - Ellie Tveleven

"I loved everything and more than I expected." 

"I enjoyed it a great deal and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing fatigue." - Alison Gaskin

"I loved Sarah's presentation and the raw food. The three different presentations were a good balance." - Cathy Tully

To secure a place for the next workshop, contact kayla@naturalnaughties.com