I am so excited for the work shop on adrenal fatigue. I am blessed to work with passionate people.

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Here is an outline of the day:
Talk 1:
  • What are the adrenal glands, what hormones do they produce and what do they do? Here, Sarah will be giving a brief anatomy and physiology lesson in the simplest terms. In order for us to really understand Adrenal Fatigue and find ways to get through it, we first must understand what these amazing glands do. I will be saying a few sentences on each of the hormones produced by them, finishing with cortisol and it's vast roles in the body.
  • What is Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal Fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms, a syndrome that is becoming more and more common in the 21st century. Sarah will be defining what it is and discussing the most common symptoms.
  • How do you get Adrenal Fatigue? A brief discussion of factors that contribute to AF development (leaving it open for discussion in the next section on what you can do about it).
Talk 2:
  • What can be done about Adrenal Fatigue? Sarah will have four points that she will go over in this section, these included diet and balance for adrenal health and why dieting isn't the answer for weight loss due to it's affects on the adrenals. I will also discuss:
  1. gratitude and happiness
  2. nutrition and micronutrients
  3. herbal medicine and it's nourishing actions in the adrenal glands. Some herbs stimulate the adrenals and some calm them. Sarah will be discussing which ones you need at which times, when to switch and when to look at supporting the nervous system.
  • Finally, Sarah will touch on the importance of lifestyle factors e.g. getting a good nights sleep, waking at the same time daily, hydration and treating yourself with respect.
Join us at the Adrenal Fatigue Workshop! We'll be having a great and informative discussion. I hope to see you there! :)

Kayla Thompson