Natural Naughties Love to pamper to wind down!

You would need eat a plate of chemicals that you can not pronounce so why put them on your skin?

A very low key weekend for me. Sure it's fun to go out every so often. I went out last weekend and even had a few drinks with friends, surprise. This weekend I am enjoying some "down time".

I want to share with you a range I am using for my skin, that also doubles up as "Kayla's down time pamper pack" ;)

I have been using and love the Mukti, Naturally Organic Skin Care Range,

Like most woman I love to pamper myself every now and then. However I do not want to load my body with toxins.

The Mukti pack I am using includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a face mask.

The mask in this range is divine, I also put cucumbers on my eyes!

My skin feels softer and smoother since using this range! The ingredients used to produce these products really are "feeding' my skin.

Key Ingredients for Radiant Skin

Aloa Vera- Vitamins and minerals, soothing and calming
Pomegranate-Improves skin elasticity
Rose hip oil- High in essential fatty acids, improves skin elasticity
Macadamia nut oil -Simular in composition to skins sebum
Kakadu Plum High amounts vitamin c

*These are all in the range of skin care I am currently using.

What a great way to wind down after a busy week.

I love the range because it is organic, fair trade, carbon neutral, Australian made, biodegradable ingredient


No nasties, no colours of fragrances, petrochemicals, no synthetic substances.

Remember what you put on your skin and in your body will affect how you look and feel :)

Indulge in a pamper weekend.

Hot sea salt bath. I use epsom salts. Great to 'detox' or for sore muscles

Natural Face mask. I use the mukti mask and put cucumbers on my eyes.

Herbal tea. I am in love with Morlife camomile tea at night.

Scented candles. Always make me feel relaxed.

Maybe a fruit plate with some raw chocolate too ;) Of course I make Natural Naughties Recipe.

For more details on the Range, visit

Also Natural Beauty tips in The Natural Naughties Raw Food E-book.

Kayla Thompson