I'm a huge advocate for clean eating because I've found that a healthy diet has many positive effects, both physically and mentally. Below are five of the major benefits I've enjoying since adopting the clean eating lifestyle.

1) Healthy Skin: My skin glows when I'm eating clean foods and drinking plenty of water. I get so many compliments on my skin and I don't even wear makeup on a daily basis.

2) More Energy: Eating small and healthy meals throughout the day has given me more energy. It assists in balancing my blood sugar levels, keeping my energy levels high.

3) Mental Clarity: When I am well rested and eating well, I find I have more mental clarity. I feel alert and I'm better able to focus and concentrate. I also feel more connected to nature, myself and others.

4) Improved Digestion: With a history of IBS, eating the correct clean foods combined with natural supplements and meditation did wonders for my digestion.

5) Better Moods: Goodbye mood swings, hello nicer person! Feeling energetic throughout the day has made me a happier and more positive person.

The Natural Naughties Kitchen is under construction. This was the perfect excuse for me to trial some meals from The Clean Kitchen.

I selected the "Fit Meals" options and I was absolutely blown away!

The meals include healthy protein options, healthy fats and healthy carbs. The meals are portion sized to save you time!
  • Made fresh and not frozen
  • Good quality food (e.g. barramundi and salmon over cheap, low quality fish)
  • Easy (no shopping, chopping, cooking or cleaning)
  • Healthy
  • Great variety
  • Amazing taste
You can check out the range of amazing meals available on The Clean Kitchen website

Mention Natural Naughties with your order and get two protein balls FREE.

Kayla Thompsom