Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of a health retreat run by the Adelaide Health and Wellness team. The Adelaide health and Wellness team are very inspiring lifestyle coaches and trainers so I was more than happy and excited to help them with the event.

I drove down on Sunday morning. Was an early start for me as I had to prep everything early that morning. I do not really like driving so I made sure I reminded myself to be patient, calm and try smile to "trick" myself into enjoying it. Took some great music with me to put me in a good mood!

When I arrived at the Barossa, I felt relaxed and calm due to the fresh air. I got the chance to chat to the students prior to my demonstration. Everyone had such positive things to say, all feeling really excited and inspired. During this time, a shared lunch was provided. I was very impressed with the healthy lunch options provided. Raw veggies, fresh fruit, salmon, whole eggs, dips and other healthy foods. Surrounding myself with like minded people means often healthy options are provided!

I demonstrated The Raw Avocado Cake from my Natural Naughties e-book. Lots of positive feedback on the raw cake. I look forward to hear what all the students make as many were so inspired they purchased my Natural Naughties e-book to make my creations at home.

After my demonstration was done, off to the room to unpack the car, clean all the mess. It is always a lot of work when doing demonstrations and classes. Especially due to the fact my Kitchen Aid is so heavy. My job is physically challenging sometimes. I often am lifting heavy loads and walking with them ;).

After all the 'boring stuff'' was done, was getting late. I promised my self that I won't be one of those people who fall into the 'I have too much work, so I can't train category', I decided to hit the gym for some cardio. When I go away I still always make sure I eat "clean" and am "active".

While in the Barossa, I did do a lot of "work" as at this stage my business is still growing and a lot needs to be done, so for this reason I chose to travel and stay alone...would be pretty boring watching me work! I needed some "down time", the fresh air and silence did wonders for me. I even got a massage and some beauty services at Endota spa. I had to 'talk myself' into relaxing and not feeling guilty, I even watched a movie while away, huge thing for me! I never watch tv!

Clean eating and training while away 

I had packed some food with me, as I knew I would need healthy options. So  I packed fresh fruit, nuts, coconut water, tuna, dark chocolate, dried figs, raw veggies and some other snacks I already had made.

In my classes and personal plans I often provide clients with "In case of emergency" options.

I also drove down to the local fruit shop and stocked up on healthy snacks.

It was nice to go out to dinner and order a yummy fish. Balance is key! You can still live a happy and healthy lifestyle and be social and go out.

One night I ordered in the room, salmon and veggies. Salmon is my favourite fish :)

This goes to show you can eat healthy when you travel or eat out!


When I go away and travel I always ask if the hotel has a gym, if not I look online for close gyms ;)

Always great to do something different, I walked out doors, the 2 hour hike was relaxing and nice to be in different surroundings.

The hotel had a golf course and also a walking track with a circuit set up for push ups, step ups, ect. So you can always "make your own gym".

The Health and Wellness team are an inspiring Adelaide team and have more workshops coming up this year. To book into the next event please contact me. In August they will present a work shop on "Self Love', one of the most popular topics from the workshop on the weekend. If you do not love yourself then how can you expect others to love you?

I will share the cream from the cake I made on the weekend, I used banana for a twist.

Avocado Cream

The Wellness Team spoke about the benefits of food on the retreat. One popular super food they mentioned was coconut oil. This recipe contains all natural ingredients that are great for health.


1 avocado
1 banana
1/2 cup dates
1 tablespoon raw honey
3 tablespoons raw cacao
1 tablespoon coconut oil


Process in a food processor, until smooth.

This was served over a base. The base was simply the bliss ball (in e-book) flattened into a "patty".

This cream can also be served with freeze fruit or frozen for "ice cream".

Serves 6-10

Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love