On Sunday Natural Naughties was so excited to be part of a fund raiser event to support healthy heart reseach. On the day nearly $300.00 was raised. Natural Naughties donated The Natural Naughties Raw food and Lifestyle e-book for each lady towards the goodies bags. Thanks to other sponsors who donated. Zara from pura tea for the great tea samples, Steve from Fitness33 for organic fruit and Sharron for the venue and the lovely ladies who attended.

Many studies suggest that a diet high in raw foods fight heart illness.

The best way to reduce risk of heart illness is to include plenty of fresh fruit, veg and raw food in the diet.

Top Raw foods for a healthy heart are almonds, tomatoes, apples, bananas, flax seeds, oranges and walnuts.

It was a fantastic day. I celebrated my morning with a great cardio class, Body Attack to celebrate my heart.  I was in a great mood after that! Cardio fitness is great for the heart.

The morning started with Green smoothies and Bliss balls provided by Sharron. To learn more from Sharron, follow her page on facebook, Shaz's big adventue ~ Peru 2012. On September 1st 2012 she will be trekking the ancient Inca Trail to the amazing Lost City of the Incas; Machu Picchu.

Then Guest speaker Louise spoke for an hour. Everyone was so keen to learn more from Louise. Louise spoke about whole food nutrition, acid-alkaline balance, quality of food, health issues that included depression, infertility and hormones issues.
Louise donated Toxic Bathroom Pocket guides and disks. When you buy hair care, skin care , mouth wash they often contain ingredients with unfamiliar words. Acetone, alcohol, fluoride....these are linked to cancer, can cause asthma, accumulate in organs ect. A huge focus on Louise talk was on toxins and chemicals.

I suggest limit these chemicals, use coconut oil for skin and hair, make your own beauty products I have recipes in my Lifestyle e-book. I love using whole foods ,no hidden chemicals.

I spoke about the Benefits of Raw Food, Super foods, Organic Ingredients, Soaking and prouting. I also provided the ladies with lots of information on utensils to use when preppping the Raw Foods.

Then the FUN started! I made Raw cashew cheese, Raw turmeric dip, Raw carrot dip. I served those dips with Organic chips and Raw veggies . Then I made Zucchini pasta with Raw Marinara. Then the real treat of the day, Avocado Cacao Cake! The ladies enjoyed each raw food dish.

These recipes are included in my Raw Food and lifestyle e-book.

All ladies walked away inspired and happy to start a higher raw food journey. I feel so blessed I can help others achieve better health.

Louise will speak at my next Basic Class 2, the 22nd July.

Zara from Pura tea will speak at my class this SUNDAY.

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Kayla Thompson

Natural Naughties Love