From a young age, Kayla has always had a love of food & culture. Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, her Italian & Dutch heritages played a key role in her upbringing. She has fond memories of helping her Nonna prepare all the traditional family favourites, which her family would all come together to enjoy. As she got older, her thirst for knowledge of other cuisines increased & at fifteen she started attending cooking classes. There she learnt the mechanics of Italian, Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisines.

She was also introduced to Raw Food and completed several raw food workshops and classes. She has attended classes and workshops with David Wolf, a well-known raw foodie, author and coach. She has also had classes with Remedy Bliss, Australia's raw food "guru" and an intensive workshop with Omid Jaffari from Botanicals.


Being active has always been important to Kayla. She has played an array of team & individual sports, getting involved in Volleyball, Netball, and Soccer. She has even competed at a professional level in Body Building & Aerobics.

In 2010, Kayla was selected in the short list of applicants to apply for Masterchef. While she didn’t go through, Kayla hasn’t let that stop her. Her business, Natural Naughties, became established & successful as a result. Kayla's goal in life is to help individuals feel fantastic, alive & full of energy. 

“I do not believe in diets, only lifestyle choices. We should have a great relationship with food.”

Fitness & Food being prominent in Kayla's life, she has completed certification in:

    • Evolve Hypnosis Therapist 2013
    • Master Trainer Graduated 2010
    • Punch Fit Trainer Certificate 2011
    • Safe Food Handling Certification
    • Senior First Aid 2010

As Kayla likes to remind us, “Superfoods, Spices, Herbs & Natural ingredients are great in helping us feel alive & building up our immune systems. Let food be your medicine.”

Kayla runs regular Raw Food Cooking classes in Adelaide South Australia. Her Personal Training services are also available. Kayla can tailor eating plans & provide a range of professional services which can get you looking & feeling great in no time. Kayla is also available for Life Coaching, Beauty/Fashion & Grooming Coaching & Self- Esteem coaching. 

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